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Travel Insurance – full disclosure essential

July 18, 2014 / by Donald

Taking out holiday insurance is a sensible option when travelling abroad on holiday, but when completing the proposal it is essential that you are totally honest. For example, if you fail to disclose any medical condition that may have occurred in the past, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, you could find yourself without insurance at the very time that you need it. High blood pressure is one area that is often overlooked as it is fairly common in men as they reach middle age, declaring it will not prevent you from being insured, and it will not necessarily increase the premium cost.

When taking out travel insurance, ensure that all the countries that you intend to visit are included, some insurers exclude Turkey, now a very popular destination for British holiday makers.

Winter sports cover can often exclude some hazardous pursuits such as heli skiing or skidoo riding, others may not cover off piste skiing, if you intend to take part in any of these, tell your insurer so it can be included in the policy.

Alcohol is often a cause or reason for accidents or losing valuables. It is worth considering this before you decide to go on a long day out, your insurer can refuse to reimburse for accident or loss.

Whilst you may have no say in the matter, if you are taken ill or have an accident, having private medical treatment and not going to the local hospital can mean that you can find yourself severely out of pocket.

Should you have the misfortune to lose an item of luggage or have it stolen, it is essential that you obtain a police report with an incident number or letter. Similarly if your luggage has been lost in transit, get written confirmation from the airline, your insurer will almost certainly want to see this and the confirmation from the local police.

Check with your insurer that items of value is covered on the policy; it is not unknown for insurers to pay out a maximum, usually £250 to £300 for any one item, including cash. If you have valuable items which you need with you, insure them separately and keep cash and valuables in the hotel safe.

Travel insurance is not the most expensive item on a family holiday, ensure that you are completely covered and enjoy a safe trip away.

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