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Newark Liberty International Airport / EWR

August 3, 2009 / by Donald

Newark Airport was the first major airport to be opened in the New York Area on October 1st 1928 placed in New Jersey on old marshland which was filled with reclaimed soil.
Newark Liberty International Airport is within the city boarders of Newark and Elizabeth.

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey fully manage the airport, this is the third airport that they manage the other two are John F Kennedy International Airport and LaGuardia Airport.

Newark International Airport From Above

Newark International Airport From Above

Newark Liberty International Airport has three terminals.

Terminal A, isn’t equipped with any immigration facilities or personnel so it only handles flights from countries that have US customs pre clearance, though some international flights will depart from this terminal.

Terminal A & B are the original terminals and where completed in 1973 and both have four floors. All retail shops and departing gates are located on the 3rd floor.
On the 2nd floor of both terminals A & B, baggage carousels and international arrival lounge’s are placed.

Terminal C was completed in 1988 and has two floors dedicated to selling tickets one floor for international and one for domestic flights.

Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal C

Newark Liberty International Airport Terminal C

Newark Liberty International has 3 runways and 1 helipad. 
4L/22r is the main runway and is 11,000ft in length, 4R/22L is the second runway and is 10,00ft in length. 11/29 is the shortest runway at 6,800ft.

The H1 helipad is 40Ft or 12m.

Newark does have a monorail system which is more commonly referred to as AirTrain Newark, this in turn connects to the airports railway station which offers services from Amtrak and New Jersey Transit Service.

The Airtrain is free to use between all rail stations but if you wish to enter or exit you must pay the fee of around $5.

Newark airport shuttle

Newark airport shuttle

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