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John F. Kennedy International Airport / JFK

July 29, 2009 / by Donald

Originally known as Idlewild Airport and renamed to John F. Kennedy International Airport in 1963 just one month after President Kennedys assassination, although commonly referred to as JFK.
The original name came from the Golf course that the airport was built on top of in 1943.

JFK Airport Overview

JFK Airport Overview

35,000 people are employed at JFK which counts for $9.8 billion in annual wages.  Back in 2008 JFK airport handled 43,124,992 passengers and contributed $30.1 billion in to the economic activity in the NYC area.
The busiest airline at John F. Kennedy International Airport was jetBlue Airways with 28.3% and British Airways at the bottom with 2.9%.

JFK is served by close to 100 airlines and flys to over 50 countries worldwide,  JFK to London Heathrow is the busiest international  route with just under 3 million passengers, Paris Charles De Gaulle is second with just over 1 million customers.

John F. Kennedy International Airport has four runways, 13R-31L which is just over 14,500ft long making it the second longest commercial runway in North USA. 

13R-31L runway is next to Terminal 1, 2 and 3 and serves around one half of JFK’s departures. It due for maintenance work to be carried out 2010 so it will be closed for 120 days so that it can be widened and resurfaced.

JFK Terminal 1

JFK Terminal 1

4L-22R is just less than 11,500 ft and lays next to terminals 4 & 5 landings & takeoffs can be completed from both ends of this runway.

JFK Terminal 4

JFK Terminal 4

13L-31R is 10,000 ft long and is equipped at both ends with ILS and ALS.
4R-22L is the baby runway with a length of only 8,400ft, but its fully equipped with ALS, TDZ,EMAS and the arrestor bed concept which is aimed to slow planes down quickly if they over shoot the runway.

JFK is connected to NYC’s subway and the rail system by AirTrain. AirTrain stop at all of JFK’s Terminals and Car Parks allowing easy access for all passengers. Manhattan is only 30 minutes away when using Airtrain.

JFK Airport NYC Subway

JFK Airport NYC Subway

If you’re in Manhattan and need to be at John F. Kennedy International Airport in a hurry then head down to East 34th Street Heliport and you can be at JFK in around 9 minutes, but it will cost you $159 for the one way trip.

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