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How to avoid sea sickness

December 24, 2013 | Cruises | Permalink

Motion sickness on-board ships is extremely common. Those who do not suffer normally may be surprised to find a rough sea makes them feel uncomfortable even on a large boat but there is no reason why sea sickness should ruin your holiday.  Here are some tips on treating cruise travel sickness: •    In rough seas, […]

Cruises – the holiday of a lifetime

October 28, 2013 | Cruises, Travel Guides, Worldwide Travel | Permalink

When imagining a cruise holiday, the image of stretching out on the deck of a stylish ocean liner with a cocktail in hand immediately springs to mind.  Cruises are simply synonymous with luxury.  If you’ve never been on a cruise before, you may be flummoxed by the sheer choice of options, so start by pinpointing […]

Baltic cruises

September 8, 2013 | Cruises | Permalink

A cruise around the Baltic is truly the best method of visiting some of the most beautiful cities in the northern hemisphere.  Relaxing on a ship, enjoying fine food and wine and waking up to a new destination is surely a fabulous way to spend a week’s holiday. Copenhagen, with its iconic Little Mermaid statue, […]

A cruise holiday in the UK

March 20, 2013 | Cruises, Travel Guides | Permalink

A cruise provides you and the family with time to bond as well as have lots of fun and is a good way to unwind and de-stress when on holiday.  There are several cruise holidays to choose from in the UK.  Below are the options at your disposal. Babbacombe & Oddicombe cruise This cruise is […]

Totally Tropical Cruise Holidays

February 22, 2013 | Cruises, Travel Guides, Worldwide Travel | Permalink

Looking for some fun in the sun, then head out on a totally tropical cruise holiday. No longer just for the rich you can find a load of cheap cruises online to tropical destinations such as the Caribbean. You can set sail directly from the UK or embark on a fly, cruise and stay holiday. […]

The added benefits of cruises

January 28, 2013 | Cruises, Travel Guides | Permalink

There are numerous benefits to a cruise holiday.  No doubt, passengers who have embarked on one of the colossal ships previously will have a good idea of what these are.  For those, however, who are still considering whether to test their sea legs, consider some of the following first. Variety Sitting on a beach and […]

Taking a Royal Caribbean Cruise

January 8, 2013 | Cruises, Travel Guides | Permalink

The hardest part of booking a cruise holiday is deciding where to go and with what cruise line. The easiest part is finding cruise deals, there are plenty out there! Comparison websites are the easiest place to start when looking for deals. But first you have to decide where you’re going and who with! One […]

Cruise deals for 2013

December 14, 2012 | Cruises, Travel Guides | Permalink

As the end of 2012 approaches, many people will be growing tired of the winter weather and thinking of their next summer holiday.  Instead of searching online for hotels 2013, many people will be entering cruise deals for 2013 into the search field. Why choose a cruise? A cruise ship is a self-contained mobile holiday […]