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BMI / British Midlands

July 22, 2009 / by Donald

BMI better known to many as British Midland Airways, BMI started out as Derby Aviation Limited on the 16th February 1949.
Scandinavian Airlines was a shareholder in British Midlands since 1987 until it sold some of its share to Lufthansa on a term that British Midland joined the Star Alliance, Deutsche Lufthansa is now the parent company of BMI.

BMI doesn’t officially mean anything you would imagine it might stand for British Midland International. In 2005 BMI had carried a total of 10.1 million passengers which is the third highest total for any UK carrier.
This was a rise of 2.15 million over 2005 when they carried 7.95 million passengers.

In 2002 BMI setup a low cost airline called Bmibaby this was a great move by BMI as they used Boeing 737’s which had just been replaced by BMI for the newer Airbuses. Bmibaby fly’s within Europe to major airports excluding Heathrow and the smaller secondary airports.

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