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A money saving travel app for iPhone

July 8, 2014 / by Donald

We all are aware of the many apps that can be downloaded so that we can play enjoyable, as well as frustrating games on our iPhone, but we have learned of an app that is not only very useful, but one which can potentially save travellers money too.

This useful app is from the luggage delivery specialist sendmybag.com and is a free download through iTunes. The app will no doubt prove to be very useful as most of the budget carriers are becoming stricter on the amount of luggage that we can take on aircraft, even the hand luggage seems to be shrinking in size allowed!

By utilising the services of SendMyBag it is possible to actually save over the cost of having luggage in the hold of the aircraft and the hassle of checking the bag in, and collecting from the luggage carousel is also avoided. The company will collect your luggage from your door and deliver it safely and quickly to your holiday destination.

Think of the relief at not having to take sports bags such as golf clubs and ski equipment through airports, but having them waiting for you when you reach your destination. Naturally the bags can be collected from your holiday apartment or hotel and sent direct to your home at the end of your period away.

SendMyBag is the largest specialist luggage shipper in the UK visiting more than 70 countries every month.


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