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A guide to flying from Glasgow

December 9, 2009 / by Donald

Glasgow airport offers a comprehensive range of flights to a growing number of European destinations. The airport also has the advantage of being able to allow budget airlines to operate from its terminals, meaning that the customer will enjoy very competitive prices for flights.

The two biggest airlines that fly from Glasgow are British Airways and Flybe, both of whom fly to a lot more destinations than some of the smaller budget airlines that operate in the area.

The cheapest price for a flight from Glasgow to London can be as low £4. But beware that this does not take into account tax and other cost factors and also is based on very specific circumstances that you may not be aware of and may not be able to meet.

The two airports that you can fly from in Glasgow are Glasgow International and Glasgow Prestwick. Both airports offer very good services to mainland United Kingdom destinations and many other European destinations. They also have good deals to worldwide destinations, although these will not be direct and may require you to switch airlines half way through a flight in order to travel on to your final destination.

Security at the airports is thought to be adequate and matches up well with other UK transport centres such as Heathrow and Gatwick.

The M9 Motorway is also very convenient and will take you straight into Scotland’s capital city of Edinburgh.

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